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    Congratulations! Your install of MindTouch was successful!

    Experience a free, practical online training session with one of the MindTouch specialized trainers. Training is free to all who register and is on a first come, first serve basis.

    Register now to reserve your space.

    The MindTouch "Getting Started" training will include:

    • Getting Started on MindTouch
      • Editing a page
      • Creating a hierarchy/adding new pages
      • Attaching files
      • Version control
      • Templates
    • MindTouch Administration
      • Adding new users
      • Adding MindTouch DekiScript
      • Clearing server cache
    • MindTouch Developer
      • Using DekiScript to create new pages from a template
    • Live Q & A Session

    In the meantime, some resources you may find helpful:


    For help, contact the MindTouch customer service team:

    US Toll Free: 866-646-3868 option 2

    International: +1 619-795-8459 option 2


    At any time, you can edit the contents of this page by clicking "Edit page".


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